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Planning Your Perfect Week for Work

We use our Google Calendar to plan out our week.  We have a nifty trick to make sure we achieve our goals.

We use a Google calendar, however you may be able to do this in Outlook etc if you think it would be useful.

I created a new calendar called “Perfect Week” and in that I’ve set up my perfect week. I used purple so that when I overlayed my actual week, I could identify it easily. In my perfect week, I've slotted in time to catch up with my Mum for lunch each week, a time to do my own business finances, CPD, certain clients that I manage on a weekly basis, and general work time that isn't allocated to a particular client. I even have my lunch break in there!  These are all set up as weekly recurring appointments.

At the end of the week I pull up my Google Calendar and toggle my Perfect Week on over the top of it.

Now I have my Perfect Week up, I move my work around to fit everything in. If I know I have a quarterly client who’s dropped off work and it will take me 2 hours, I slot them into one of my “work” sections. My plan is to have my week set up so that I work efficiently, so I block my time to reflect how I work best. 

When I have my week set up nicely, I toggle off my Perfect Week and I’m ready for the week!

Some hints

To set up a new calendar:
On the left of your Google Calendar is a list that says My Calendars. There is a drop down arrow next to it, click on it and select Create New Calendar. 

To toggle calendars on and off:
On the left of your Google Calendar is a list that says My Calendars. Click on the little box next to the calendar you want to see, so your calendar and your perfect week will show both overlayed together. This is why I make my perfect week one colour (all purple) so I don’t get it mixed up with actual work and appointments when I’m planning.

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