The Occasional Digital Nomad

(travel while you run your bookkeeping business).

Robyn's book is available for purchase here.  She was recently interviewed on The Bookkeepers' Voice by Amy Hooke.  Click through to listen to the podcast.

Online Professional Development for Bookkeepers  

Bookkeepers are continually updating and increasing their knowledge.  We've put together a list of online opportunities for bookkeepers to expand their expertise.  Feel free to email us with any additional opportunities that you come across.  


Tracking Time using MinuteDock

We started using MinuteDock recently and love the ease of use.  You can see how we use it here.


Planning your Perfect Week

We use our Google Calendar to plan our perfect week.  We have a nifty trick to ensure we achieve our goals. 

Xero GST Reconciliation Report

We use this report every time we publish a BAS, but we know that a lot of bookkeepers don't understand it and don't use it.  Here, we step you through what you need to know to start using this powerful Xero report. 

Creating a Letter of Engagement from within Xero.​

For bookkeepers wishing to provide a letter of engagement to their clients in the same format as they'll be presenting their Xero reports, it's simple to set up.