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#digitalnomad Bookkeeping and Travel in

The Occasional Digital Nomad

(travel while you run your bookkeeping business).

Robyn's book The Occasional Digital Nomad is available for purchase.  
"I love to travel when I can, and I take my work with me.  Not so much a holiday, but just working from different locations.  I spent a couple of weeks in January on a cruise around New Zealand, and worked from the ship each day.  Last year I worked while I was in Hawaii, Hamilton Island, the Queen Mary 2, Merimbula, Hobart and Sydney.  Later this year I'm heading to Italy & the Greek Islands but will continue to run my business as I travel.  I've set up my business so that I'm able to do this and consider each move I make and whether it's going to help or hinder me to continue to work & travel.  I'm bucking the trend to grow my business...and instead I'm positioning myself to live the life I always dreamed of.  My plan is to live overseas one day (I'm saying...Paris) for 3 months.  For now though, I just book trips and head off with my laptop".
Robyn was recently interviewed on The Bookkeepers' Voice by Amy Hooke about how she's set up her business to be mobile, allowing her to travel whilst she works.
Click the link below to listen to the podcast and hear all about Robyn's life as an Occasional Digital Nomad. 
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