Manage your Bookkeeping Practice using Asana with our Express Set Up Program.  


Our Express Asana Practice Management Set Up program is designed to get you up and running quickly using Asana to manage your business workflow.  It's a lifesaver for bookkeepers who are feeling swamped with work and need a little help to put a system in place. 


During our initial 1 hour telephone consultation, we are simultaneously logged into your Asana, and we set up the following together:


  • Client Template.  We set up your first client with their standard task list.  This can be duplicated for each of your clients.

  • First client set up.  We duplicate your template, and customise it to suit one of your actual clients. 


  • Due dates.  We set up the due dates so that it appears on the correct day.


  • Tags.  We set up tags and assign them to tasks.


  • Report set up.  We customise and save two reports which will assist you with planning your time.


  • My Tasks, is  where you plan your week and look ahead to what needs to be done in the future.  We set this up so that it is meaningful and will allow you to let  go of what is going on for each individual client, safe in the knowledge that as each task falls due, it will come into you’re My Task section. 


  • Conversations & Comments.  We will discuss how this can be useful to your business, and use a few scenarios.  This is useful to bookkeepers with or without staff. 


  • Assign to Staff.  We can show you how to assign tasks to staff members, whilst still maintaining control of your project/client.  We also discuss the issues of privacy, and how to ensure staff only have access to the clients that you assign. 


  • ½ Hour Follow Up.  We have a phone meeting a week later to discuss your roll out of Asana to include the rest of your clients and work through any queries you might have. 


There is certainly more to Asana than your initial set up, however our Express Asana Practice Management Set Up program will have you up and running in no time, and when you’ve been using it for a while you will be able to explore further options which will suit your individual business needs.

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Express Practice Management Set Up program.

Fee $199.00 including GST.